Financial Services

Smart-LED International regard financing as an integrative part of the all-inclusive support the company provides its customers as part of its comprehensive services–design, supply, installation and finance.

Proactive Smart LED replacement begins with understanding customer’s today’s needs, design, find the right funding package, supplying, installing and subsequent maintenance by Smart-LED’s local partner’s team.

Most of our projects are based on ‛pay-as-you-save’ model, meaning, the customer pays out of the savings. Smart-LED can therefore serve as the ESCO partner for local municipalities, governmental organization or building owners. 

Smart-LED is collaborating with international and local Lenders that together we are tailoring the right financial solution for our customer. Any of our customers should not only enjoy much better lighting, but also be able to save money from day 1 and after our investment is paid back, the customer can enjoy savings of 70-80% of its electrical bills, freeing capital for other investments.

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