Smart-led International

We are a multinational company which specializes in implementing and deploying smart energy saving solutions. We specialize and have experience in a wide range of customized lighting solutions from mid sized companies to large scale public works projects.

Who We Are

We are energy savings and technology focused company, with customers who benefit both directly and indirectly from the added value we bring due to the quality and efficiency of our products and services. Whether it be the hospitality sector or the commercial sector, our systems play an important role in customer experience. This is why at SMART LED our team provides customized solutions by taking into consideration the various aspects of the customers needs.

Our Key

One of our key strengths is providing comprehensive and customized financial solutions enabling the customer to immediately realize the project and its benefits without having to face the obstacle of upfront capital investment.

Our Focus

With our focus on customer oriented solutions, we take care in listening to and evaluating our customers needs, enabling us to take advantage of the right technology, providing you with the most cost effective and efficient solution.