SMART-LED International

We are a multinational company which specializes in implementing and deploying smart energy saving solutions.

  • Who We Are

    We specialize and have experience in a wide range of customized lighting solutions from mid sized companies to large scale public works projects.

  • Our Key

    One of our key strengths is providing comprehensive and customized financial solutions enabling the customer to immediately realize the project and its benefits without having to face the obstacle of upfront capital investment.

  • Our Focus

    With our focus on customer oriented solutions, we take care in listening to and evaluating our customers needs, enabling us to take advantage of the right technology, providing you with the most cost effective and efficient solution.

Our Team

Rami Damri

Nimrod Sofer

Jonathan Sofer

Tony Wu

International Team by Regions

Emanuel Hesselback

Regional Manager

Matija Turcin

Marketing and Sales Manager

Gazmend Kelmendi

Country Manager

Regional Distributor

(MER Group)

Mazna Energy

Smart-LED Lighting Control: System Overview

7 Steps to Success

  • Lighting Survey

    The first step is to conduct a survey by identifying your lighting and energy needs.

  • Savings Calculation

    The second step is to calculate the savings for electricity and maintenance.

  • Customized Financing

    The third step is offering a custom made financing plan, giving our customers the possibility of an immediate positive cash-flow.

  • Agreement

    The fourth step is where we finalize our agreement for schedule of installation, supply and finance package.

  • Deliverty and installation

    Working together closely with you, our team delivers and installs as required, our aim is to successfully implement our solutions while minimizing any disruptions such as down time.

  • Warrant and mintenance

    We provide training for maintenance, replacement instructions and storage for spareparts. We have found this the fastest and most cost effective way for warranty, maintenance and service.

  • New Project Planning

    Whether it be enhancing productivity or customer experience or purely aesthetic, we continue to provide advice and consultation on new ways to improve your lighting and energy use.

Global Project Portfolio

Why choose SMART-LED

Smart-LED offers services that covers all. We help you with tasks and decisions, while minimizing the risk of your investment. Our services are available in all forms, during the process separately or from the beginning, making you a specific package promising a perfect solution for you.

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